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By far my favorite local golf shop in town is now The Golf Club at 2320 S. Lamar. It's relocated to a larger facility and the owner (John) knows his stuff, the prices are great and he doesn't need to wear a name tag letting you know where he's from to make it seem like he's your buddy; he is.

Highly recommended, if I go local I no longer go anywhere else.

For online stuff I still use

I still like Instant Replay Golf and they have a larger inventory than The Golf Club but wow, was just there and their prices seemed to have gone up. Last time I looked they no longer have their used club inventory online and parking at their Austin facility is miserable. No question the staff is still top notch, but ouch. I haven't yet been to their Georgetown location, it sounds nice, but that's a hike for me and I only go that far to play golf, not to shop. If you're up north I'm sure it's worth checking out. privacy policy    Copyright, 2004 by Don Watkins