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My quick fix for a vicious driver slice. (Confessions of a chronic driver slicer)

I have an ugly slice that no amount of swing tweaking would fix. There's a good possibility (nay, probability) it's simply me, but that's  immaterial, if I can't master the anti-slice swing, I can't master the anti-slice swing. I'm not a pro, I don't have a pro swing and I never will. I might not want to face it but it's a fact.

Okay, okay, I'll confess, it is me, it's my swing, not the hardware, but I that didn't change the fact that I had a terrible driver slice. I spent so much energy going right that I was better off using a putter.

A bit of background. I was a 50-something with a 17 handicap. I'd been playing a little over a year. I was pretty stubborn and wanted to make sure that I had a bunch of really bad habits before I took lessons. I have now taken a few but nothing had fixed my driver slice.

I was pretty good with my irons and my short game, but even when I played my dependable slice I was lucky to get 150 yards with my driver. This was murder on a 400 yard par 4. I was never on the green or even close in regulation and was lucky to catch a bogie.

I tried a number of swing changes, I read Bobby Jones to to Ben Hogan to Tiger Woods and everyone in between. I read scores of articles and tried a whole slew of clubs; Adams Tite Lies, Ping, Taylormade, Calloway and a bunch of no names. With the exception of the Adams, which I could hit straight, club changes didn't work. Sadly I couldn't get much distance out of the Adams.

Then I ran into a web based outfit that offered a club that looked promising even if unknown to anybody I asked. My golfing friends advised me that the reason no one had heard of them was because it couldn't be any good.

But it was $120 and while I had borrowed a lot of the clubs I'd tried my one purchase of the Calloway convinced me that $120 was a bargain, even if I used it as a rock club.

The club? The Yukon Anti-Slice/Offset Driver from Pinemeadow Golf . I went through the online sizing drill and yielded up my credit card number and eagerly awaited a delivery date.

It seems I must have done something wrong during the sizing drill, I received a call from Pine Meadows with a question. I was impressed, I suspect most places would have just built it as specified. I asked about possible upgrades. It was suggested that I give it a shot and they'd be glad to do it after the fact if I wanted it. Again, I was impressed, they could have gotten another $30-60 from me for an upgraded shaft but the guy said that a 17 handicapper would be happy with the standard shaft. These guys talk about honestly on their web site. They aren't kidding.

The club arrived on time and I made a bee line for the driving range. I took my usual stance to play my slice and whack, way, way to the left but about 250 yards. I adjusted my stance to a "normal" driver address and whack, still a bit to the left, but straight as an arrow and again 250 yards.

The difference is the offset. Rather than the club face lining up with the hosel it's offset. This adjusts for my imperfect and seemingly never to be corrected slice swing and the club face is square at impact.

Not all of my shots are perfect, If I err it's usually to the left and what you could call a pull and a less than perfect swing will only give me 170 yards, but more often than not I'm at 225 yards or better sometimes as long as 280 (don't get me wrong, this doesn't happen often), plus or minus 10 yards off center.

Obviously this makes a huge difference on a long par 4 or 5. For example last time I was at Clay on number 12 I slammed a pretty good drive left of center, hit a respectable 3 wood leaving only a wedge for my third shot and left a 5 foot putt for a birdie. All on the 2nd hardest hole on the course. It's always hard to say for sure but in round numbers I figure I've cut at least 5 strokes on a narrow course like Lions. If you slice and you haven't yet found a cure this might be the one that does it for you plus If you've ever wondered why those name brand golf clubs cost so much I recommend you visit Pinemeadow Golf and check out their prices. They tell it straight and provide great products and information.

-- Don Watkins

This article was originally written in 2004 and I thought a quick update was in order. Not only did I cure my slice but I was able to start drawing my drive yielding a bit more yardage. Oh, and just to brag a bit my handicap is now a 9. Hey, it ain't bragging if you can do it!

P.S. My friends no longer believe "no name" clubs can't be any good or if they do they don't say anything since they're all into me for big bucks (we play for a whole $.25 per hole). privacy policy    Copyright, 2004 by Don Watkins